Christopher Liu

1st year CS PhD student


I am an incoming first year PhD student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) advised by Professor Tony Nowatzki.

My current research interests are in compilers and developing abstractions for heterogeneous architectures. At the moment, I am working under the guidance of Professor Tyler Sorensen on a project that explores simultaneous computation on various configurations of heterogeneous devices (CPUs and GPUs).

I also have the great pleasure of working with Professor Benedict Paten, Yohei Rosen MD, and the folks over at UCSC’s Computational Genomics Lab on describing genetic sites in pangenomic graphs. I received my CS BS degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC).


Apr 8, 2021

I will be joining Professor Tony Nowatzki’s PolyArch Research Group for my PhD.

Mar 19, 2021

I graduated with a CS BS from UCSC!

Feb 1, 2021

I am excited to join Professors Scott Beamer, Heiner Litz, and Tyler Sorensen along with my fellow UCSC teammates for the inaugural Winter Classic Invitational Cluster Competition.

Research Projects

1. Simultaneous Computation on Heterogeneous Devices

Professor Tyler Sorensen · Language, Systems, and Data (LSD) Lab · Mar 2021 - Present

2. Describing Genetic Sites

Professor Benedict Paten · Computational Genomics Lab · Apr 2019 - Present